Nimble Crane

Crane Rental Services

About us:

Todd Swim and Ben Ellis founded Northtimber Associates, a specialty timber frame installation company, and Nimble Crane, their crane rental service division, in 2007. Both founding members of the companies have extensive crane operator’s experience.

Todd began his career as a crane operator working in the fields of specialty homes and steel fabrication. Ben started his career as a crane operator running equipment for a construction company that specialized in timber frame homes.

Over 10 years, Todd and Ben have worked closely with contractors to collaborate on all aspects of general construction, including arborist to carefully remove hazard trees. They have both operated many different pieces of equipment including 60-ton Grove rough terrain, tower, and mobile hydraulic truck cranes. 

Today, their company provides a wide variety of crane rental services throughout southern Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. They pride themselves in their skilled, licensed operators and clean up-to-date equipment and rigging.